Witt Metal Recycling Containers

The Witt Metal Recycling Containers have multiple liners and openings to insure your recyclables are separated and is great for companies seeking ?Green? compliance.

  • Durable recycling labels for three opening units: Bottles, Cans, Bottles & Cans, Recyclables, Waste, Compost, Newspaper and Paper
  • Durable recycling labels for one and two opening units: Cans, Bottles & Cans, Recyclables, Waste and Compost
  • Choose one opening with one liner, two openings with two liners or three openings with three liners
  • Three colors available: Black, Blue, and Green
  • Lift off top for easy servicing

Manufacturer: Witt Industries
Standard Delivery Time: 1 - 2 Weeks

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