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J4691 Complete Double Digit Label Set (00 - 99) $226.70
J4600 "00 -09" Double Digit Labels (Light Green) 500/Roll $22.70
J4610 "10 -19" Double Digit Labels (Pink) 500/Roll $22.70
J4620 "20 -29" Double Digit Labels (Black) 500/Roll $22.70
J4630 "30 -39" Double Digit Labels (Yellow) 500/Roll $22.70
J4640 "40 -49" Double Digit Labels (Purple) 500/Roll $22.70
J4650 "50 -59" Double Digit Labels (Red) 500/Roll $22.70
J4660 "60 -69" Double Digit Labels (Gray) 500/Roll $22.70
J4670 "70 -79" Double Digit Labels (Brown) 500/Roll $22.70
J4680 "80 -89" Double Digit Labels (Light Blue) 500/Roll $22.70
J4690 "90 -99" Double Digit Labels (Orange) 500/Roll $22.70
Jeter Series 4600 Double Digit Numeric Labels

Double-Digit labels for coding the tens and unit digits in straight numeric filing systems.

  • Colors are keyed to 9000 series labels. Ten colors, first label numbered 00, then 01 through 09. Each series repeats 50 times per roll.
  • Color Coding Systems Repeat Only Once
  • Bright Colors used for Fastest Identification - Vivid, easily identifiable colors are utilized for all Jeter Systems labels - colors that are fade resistant, bright and distinctive for fast recognition.
  • Designed for Quick Application and Durability - Labels are scored at the fold position with a double face cut, allowing the center of the labels to fold easily around the folder edge. And to make sure the quality lasts, the durable Mylar over-laminate won't yellow, become brittle or crack
  • Guaranteed and Consistant Quality
  • Acrylic Adhesive lasts two to four times longer than rubber or latex-based adhesives
  • Numeric Roll Set (4691) - Complete set of 10 rolls, packaged in outer box to hold rolls in an orderly manner

  • Outside Dimensions: 1-1/2" x 1"
  • Product Weight: 1 lbs.

Standard Delivery Time: 4 - 6 Business Days

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Jeter Series 4600 Double Digit Numeric Labels