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    Model Number: J1710-7Tier
    Brand: Jeter
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    Jeter 7-Tier Stax Medical Shelving (Legal Size)

    Model Number: J1710-7Tier

    The Stax medical filing cabinet was always designed to be just that - a filing cabinet. Every Stax cabinet is closed at the back and at both sides. Its dimensions are designed to be exactly correct for all different sized folders.

    Jeter's Legal-Size Stax Medical Cabinets are designed to work with taller legal records. Many legal records use expansion pockets, which force internal folders to be taller than the normal profile. The extra spacing offered with Jeter legal-size cabinets allows for the additional space required for this specific media.

    • 7-Tier Medical Shelving for Legal sized files
    • Available in two widths: 36"and 42"
    • The Stax Medical Filing System is made up of modular parts, meaning you can stack them on each other to create a unique filing system. More tiers can be added to at any time
    • Each shelf goes together shelf by shelf with the use of seven convenient, easy-to-use rivet fasteners. The tiers have a steel interconnect mechanism to ensure that they stay firmly interconnected and attached.
    • Each tier is closed on the back and both sides
    • Each Stax Tier contains the proper number of file dividers to keep records upright and in fast-finding order.
    • The full-height, dividers are welded into the units so they’re always in place, and their weight-bearing design prevents the file shelves from ever sagging.
    • Cabinets can be moved fully loaded - all folders can be secured in tiers to save the time and cost of unloading, reloading and the potential loss of records.
    • Heavy, 18-gauge steel, welded construction
    • Welded, triangular reinforcement in each corner adds strength and rigidity.
    • Double-folded edges provide added strength.
    • ALSO AVAILABLE - Medical Folders and Medical Labels to complete your filing system
    • High-quality, furniture-grade paint finish. Your choice of Beige, Oatmeal or Grey.

    Product Dimensions:
    • Outside Dimensions: 36"/42"W x 77.25"H x 15.16"D
    • Product Weight: 157 lbs.
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    Jeter 7-Tier Stax Medical Shelving (Legal Size)

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